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Padhio is a free learning app that connects passionate educators with millions of students across the country. Educators create short videos (15s - 120s) focusing on a single learning objective at a time, to cater to the reducing attention span of children.

Padhio believes in holistic learning, therefore educators can also teach non-academic topics (critical thinking, life skills, general knowledge, etc.) along with academic subjects as per their comfort.

school teachers,  tuition teachers 
educated housewives, retired folks  

 aspiring teachers  and graduates

Get Discovered

Don't get lost on platforms full of distractions. Get discovered better on education-only app.

Reach Millions

Reach students across India in just few clicks. Make your teaching style popular.

Full Flexibility

No lesson plans to follow. Create videos at your own pace, in languages you want.

Video Assistance

In-built video editing tools to create engaging content in less than a minute.


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What can I teach on Padhio App?

Educators are free to choose whatever they like to teach. It could be academic subjects such as Maths, Science, Languages, Social Sciences etc. or non-academic topics like Life Skills, Trivia, Emotional Skills, Critical Thinking etc. You can choose anything from a variety of options given on the Padhio App.

How do I cover a topic in less than 60 seconds?

While the allowed duration for a video is 15s to 120s, shorter videos are generally more engaging. For a single video, it is suggested that you should pick a single 'learning objective'. In almost all cases, topics can be broken down into multiple and indepedent learning objectives that can be individually taught in less than a minute. Padhio App also assists you in this process. You can simply access various learning objectives of a topic before creating any video. Moreover, you can create your own learning objectives as well.

Can I create videos on topics from different subjects and in different languages?

Definitely, it's up to you. You may choose any subjects, topics, age group, or even languages.

How can I access the Padhio App?

Currently, the Padhio App is accessible through invite only. You may enter your email address in the early access input fields given above, or simply fill up a very quick google form: https://forms.gle/UFpkHi8zpTfgJqAr8 and we will send out the access link to you through email. Or you may also drop a mail at hi@padhio.com.

Who is behind the Padhio App?

Padhio is a collective effort of multiple people coming from diverse academic background, including IIT, FMS-Delhi & TIFR alumni and extensive work experiences in India and abroad.

Is Padhio App free for students?

Yes, Padhio is free for all. We truly believe that quality education is a fundamental right and everyone should get access to top educators from across the world.

How can educators earn through Padhio?

Padhio app uses machine-learning based algorithms that ensures maximum reach for educators' content. This helps educators in building credibility and creates popularity for their teaching style which can be immediately capitalized offline. Moreover, Padhio will be launching premium features for which educators can directly charge from fan students sitting anywhere in the world.